About NicTool

NicTool is a free DNS management suite that simplifies the management of DNS data. NicTool includes a powerful web interface for users, admins, and clients to access and update their DNS zone data. It also includes a full-featured API for provisioning systems. Data is stored in MySQL and is exported to the DNS server of choice: tinydns, BIND, PowerDNS, MaraDNS, or NSD.

Updates are all parsed for validity before being accepted. All changes are logged and it's easy to research log history. Permissions are granular. Zones can be delegated to users, or group of users. Individual zone records can also be delegated. You can grant others permission to safely publish to your DNS servers.

NicTool is maintained by Matt Simerson. A NicTool forum is available on the TNPI web site, as is commercial support. NicTool is published under the Affero GPL license and the source is available on GitHub. Contributions are welcome.

NicTool is the finest DNS management package available. It works great for managing one zone, or a million.

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NicTool is available on GitHub.


NicTool's greatest wants are easier installation and better documentation. The next step in NicTool's evolution is an install process that makes it easier to get NicTool up and running.